Our Technology.

EzyAzz has been created by a team of experienced AI developers and lawyers. It is built using the latest technology and is continuously improving with every contract analysed.

EzyAzz is based in the UK and Australia.

How do we do it?



Contracts are ingested individually or in bulk through our program to assess content. The fully automated solution processes each contract in just moments.



A digital report is exported for each contract, highlighting specific items that are potentially out of line with the expectations of the user, measured by industry parameters and standards.



Empower your team to assess the marked-up report and have meaningful conversations with your contract issuer, backed up by hard evidence from our assessment engine.



Identify significant risk reduction opportunities via the highlighted documents, and approve or negotiate these risks that the engine, has highlighted, with the contract issuer.

EzyAzz utilises industry contract models to ensure that risks are within the expected contract parameters.

Identify anomalies.

Our industry knowledge enables us to identify errors and risks amongst partners and clients, identifying those that are continually providing risks that are not compliant. EzyAzz technology means that your contract issuers are required to produce transparent, consistent and competitive contracts.

Don’t Get Stung

Expert knowledge & AI.

Decades of expertise from our team, industry best-practice and methodology, and artificial intelligence technology are compressed into our assessment engine to scrutinise every contract, and continue to learn and improve accuracy with every contract that is processed and reviewed.


Don’t get stung.